Hi, I’m Dhruv Kuchhal

I’m a PhD student in Computer Science at Georgia Tech, working with Prof. Frank Li at the BEES Lab.

My research interests lie broadly in data-driven studies of real-world computer security problems. I have been a Graduate TA for Network Security (CS6262) taught by Prof. Wenke Lee for the Spring and Summer semesters of 2020.

Previously, my work with Prof. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru (“PK”) at PreCog@IIIT-Delhi, on detecting and characterizing spam on social networks won the Best Student Paper Runner-up at ACM WebScience 2018, and our work on building intelligent solutions to mitigate Misinformation on WhatsApp got featured in leading Indian media Times of India.

I also worked with Prof. Michelle Mazurek and Dr. Elissa Redmiles, of University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) on measuring (USENIX 2018), understanding (IEEE ConPro 2018) and improving (ACM CCS 2018) the quality of security advice, which led us to develop and compare tools to measure the readability of domain-specific texts (EMNLP 2019). I also presented a poster on security mechanism design at ACM CCS 2018 in Toronto, Canada.

During undergrad, my team won the Smart India Hackathon 2017, an annual hackathon organized by the Government of India in which more than 10,000 students participated. I also received the ACM Recognition of Service Award for chairing the student chapter at my undergraduate institute - MAIT.

I am a hardcore Elon Musk fan and when not working, I like to read & watch non-fiction (Malcolm Gladwell is my all-time-favourite). I also enjoy photography whenever I get the chance!

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  • Our work creating and evaluating the validity of readability metrics for domain specific adult corpora (including security documents) has been accepted to #EMNLP2019 !
  • After PhD offers from Georgia Tech, UIUC, USC, CISPA-Germany and NCSU, all of which had phenomenal potential advisors, I am thrilled to accept Georgia Tech’s offer for PhD in Computer Science.


Feb 27–Mar 10, '19 University of Southern California PhD CS Visit Days, Los Angeles, California, United States
Feb 21–27, '19 Georgia Tech PhD CS Visit Days, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Oct 13–23, '18 ACM CCS 2018, Toronto, Canada